Restaurants hold a special place in our lives. We cherish memories of the hangout we went to in high school, the posh eatery we dined at on special occasions and that place we kept returning to when it had been too long.

I picture picking up Sunday dinner with my father from Golden Fried Chicken Loaf on Delmar. I remember sharing a Cleopatra with my high school sweetheart at Cyrano's on Clayton Road. I will never forget celebrating at Ruggeri's on the Hill with toasted ravioli and turtle soup and veal parmigiana.

These restaurants and many more or long gone. But they remain part of our collective culinary memory as we look back fondly at St. Louis' Lost Tables.

An alphabetical listing of the Lost Tables chronicled in the following articles can be found in our Restaurant Index.

Golden Fried Chicken Loaf



Branding Iron



Miss Hulling's

Tea Rooms

Nantucket Cove


The Parkmoor

Busch's Grove

Fio’s La Fourchette

Café de France

Hamburger Heaven

Chez Leon

The Del Pietros

Crest House

Gaslight Square



Pope's Cafeterias


The Chase Park Plaza


Tony Faust's


Dooley's Ltd.

Tiki Bars

The Edge

Casa Gallardo

Flaming Pit

Green Parrot Inn



Pratzel's Bakery

Big Boy's

The Fatted Calf

Lettuce Leaf

O. T. Hodge

Bayou Belle

River Queen

Port St. Louis

Schober's Wine Restaurant

Bevo Mill

Richard Perry

Velvet Freeze

Al Baker's

Playboy Club

Coal Hole

Stan Musial & Biggie's

Beffa Brothers

Blue Water Grill

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